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Legend Aviation… A leading company in the field of light sport flying in Saudi Arabia

Welcome to Legend Aviation Light and Aircraft, Light sport Aircraft, and Sport Aviation company

It took Legend Aviation Company years of survey and experience to choose the right Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) both fixed-wing and gyrocopter and we took in consideration: (extremely hot weather operation, low operating cost, spare parts availability, reliability, multi-functionality, manufacturer reputation), We have chosen MAGNI gyrocopter, since it’s the only gyrocopter which satisfies the criteria of our experts, besides, it’s the most stable gyro to fly.

And our fixed-wing Aeropilot which is very similar to the famous training aircraft Cessna 182, considered one of the best aircraft for fixed-wing basic training, once a pilot can handle the Aeropilot LSA evidently can handle and fly well any other fixed-wing.


Our Services

We provide many services to our valued customers in the field of light aviation, to help provide an integrated center for the maintenance and training of technicians for light and sports aircraft

Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

  • Light-Sport Aircraft is an aircraft that has a maximum gross takeoff weight of 1,323 lb (600 kg) or less.
  • Most of the LSA runs on Mogas which is cheap and easy to find.
  • Gyrocopters can take off within 60 meters, and land within 10 meters in any service.
  • The operating cost is 15% of any other 2 passengers similar aircraft.
  • Any certified mechanic or owner can modify and maintain the airplane by the manual.
  • very cost-effective to train the professional personnel and have them certified to fly the machine beside their current jobs ( security, medical, photographer, etc).
  • It cost around 300,000 Saudi Riyals to own a new.
Legend Aviation  An integrated center for the maintenance and training of technicians for light and sport aircraft

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