Saudi Aviation

Saudi Flight
Interest in aviation has increased in Saudi Arabia in recent years; especially in general aviation, because of its economic, tourism, and other benefits and interests. Legend Aviation company was able to enter this field, it has a precedent in this because of the services, studies, and research it provides.

Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft Repair
Aircraft repair is very important in the aviation field to ensure the sustainability of aviation. Therefore, Legend Aviation gives attention to Aircraft Maintenance by providing maintenance services and spare parts for aircraft.

Aviation Flight
Aviation is a growing field and individuals and governments have been caring about flight and aviation more and more. So Legend Aviation successfully could offer what general aviation needs from training, repairing, parts, selling, and management.

Flight Training Aviation Training
Legend Aviation provides flight training and maintenance training; in order to help the general aviation field to grow.

Maintenance Course
Repair Course
A repair course is one of the services that Legend Aviation offers for people who are interested in general aviation. The Maintenance course takes you from beginner level to advance level.

Light Sport
Light Sport in aviation is getting people’s attention. The number of people who practice light sport flight is increasing day by day. For That, Legend Aviation takes responsibility to help people to practice this type of flight sport by training and giving consulting and developing this field.

Light Sport Maintenance
Light Sport Repair
As the number of people who practice light sports increases, there will be a need for maintenance. Legend Aviation fills this gap by providing repair and selling spare parts.

One of the most popular light sports flights is Gyrocopter. So, Legend Aviation cares about this type of aircraft. Legend Aviation is an authorized agent for Magni Gyrocopter. Mangi Gyrocopter is one of the most famous brands in the Gyrocopter field.

Light Sport Management
Light sport management is important for people who own an aircraft, but not everyone can manage his aircraft correctly; so as Legend Aviation has been in this field for more than 9 years. Legend Aviation is capable to take care of aircraft and manage them.

Aircraft Sale and buy
Aircraft Sales and buying helped in the renaissance of aviation in Saudi and other countries. Legend has experience in aircraft sales and buy. Legend is able to meet local and external needs.
Light Sport Sale and buy
Legend Aviation focuses on light sport flight. Legend sales and buy light sport aircraft.

Fix wings light sport sale and buy
Fix wings light sport has a prominent role in the aviation field. Legend Aviation sales fix wings light sport aircraft and can cover the need of local general aviation marketing.

Gyrocopter Sale
Gyrocopter is a desirable plane at the level of individuals and institutions. Legend Aviation has an active role in spreading the idea of using Gyrocopter in different applications. Legend sales and trains on Gyrocopter.

Spare Parts of Aircraft
Spare Parts Airplane
Legend Aviation is an approved supplier for several companies; for the distribution and sale of spare parts. Especially in relation to light sport aircraft.

Spare Parts Light Sport Aircraft
Spare Parts Light Sport Airplane
Legend Aviation could fill the deficiency of providing spare parts for light flight; spread the idea of light sport flight in different ways. One of these ways is providing spare parts for light sports airplanes. As the light aviation market needs approved centers to provide light sport flight spare parts.

Radio Communication
One of the skills that must pilots learn is radio communication; in order to be able to communicate with towers and aircraft around them. Legend Aviation took it upon itself to train pilots on how to use radio communication effectively and safely.

Thumamah Airport
Thumamah Airport is one of the airports where aviation enthusiasts go there to practice flight activities. Legend Aviation trains its pilot students at Thumamah Airport.

Legend Aviation
Legend Aviation is a leading company in the field of aviation. Legend could gain trust from aviation practitioners on the part of individuals and organizations.

Paragliding lovers are increasing day by day; due to its benefits and applications. Paragliding is used for search and rescue and other things. Legend Aviation has interested in the field of paragliding in terms of selling, repairing, and spar parts. Legend makes courses for Paragliding Maintenance.

Rotax Engines
Rotax engine has a strong reputation in the field of aviation. It is an ancient company in several fields such as; aviation, race cars, water vehicles, and snow vehicles.

Rotax Engine Course
Legend Aviation provides courses for Rotax engines at different levels. For more details check the training section in our website

Trike Paramotor
Paramotor is one type of light sport flight. Paramotor has its own people who are interested in flying on Paramotor. Legend Aviation takes this into account and provides a paramotor for sale. Also, Legend provides maintenance and spare parts for Paramotor.

One of the tools that flight practitioners should use is Headset; to help them to communicate with towers and other aircraft around him. That would make flying more flexible and safe. Legend Aviation provides different types of Headsets. Please, check our online store